Here are just a few reasons that Deadline Funnel is used and promoted by marketers like James Schramko, Frank Kern, Andre Chaperon, Todd Brown, Jon Benson, David Siteman Garland, Perry Marshall, Ryan Lee, Jonathan Mizel, James Wedmore, Navid Moazzez, Melyssa Griffin, and thousands of entrepreneurs just like you:

1. Build real evergreen campaigns so each subscriber gets their own deadline

Evergreen means each of your subscribers get their own deadline.

One example of this happens to be one of the most popular campaigns you can create with Deadline Funnel - a “new subscriber discount.”

You can set up the campaign with Deadline Funnel, your existing landing pages, and emails so that your leads have 7 days from when they opt in to access your special offer (maybe a discount on your product, or bonuses that go away if they don’t purchase before the deadline).

Nothing’s worse than when you give people a deadline and then they’re still able to access the offer the next day. With Deadline Funnel, don’t worry about that ever again, because when you say the offer is only valid for 7 days they won’t be able to take advantage of it once the clock hits zero.

2. Create product launch campaigns, too

Not ready for evergreen?

Maybe you’re working on a product launch first?

Deadline Funnel’s got you covered - you can create deadline campaigns where the deadline is the same specific date for everyone, and then create an evergreen campaign later on.

3. Add countdown timers to your
landing pages

With a library of different timers and styles you can use on both your landing pages and emails, Deadline Funnel can help you add authentic urgency to your marketing and blend it into your existing branding.

You can add inline timers to your landing pages:

Or the floating bar which follows your visitors as they scroll up and down on the page:

4. Add countdown timers to your emails

You can add the same timers to your emails as well - knowing that the deadline your subscribers see in their emails will match the timer they see when they visit your landing pages:

5. Use our powerful email and Zapier integrations

Deadline Funnel integrates directly with ActiveCampaign, Actionetics, AW Pro Tools, ConvertKit, Drip, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Klick-Tipp, MailChimp, and Ontraport.

And if your email provider isn’t covered by the API integrations listed above, you're still able to integrate with Deadline Funnel by adding the Deadline Funnel tracking code to your optin page.

You can also use Zapier to integrate Deadline Funnel with your email provider so that each subscriber's deadline is triggered based on a specific action that you specify in your Zap (i.e. when someone subscribes to your list):

Click here to learn more about our Zapier integration!

6. Cross-device tracking

Deadline Funnel gives your new prospect their own personalized deadline - just as unique as a fingerprint.

And this Deadline Fingerprint follows them through your marketing funnel, step by step... and across multiple pages in your funnel.

This means that, no matter what device or network they view your sales page from, once the deadline expires they won't be able to access the offer anymore (until you re-open it for them).

So you can rest assured that no matter how many steps and pages you have in your marketing funnel, their deadline fingerprint travels with them.

7. Include the specific evergreen deadline text in your emails

With Deadline Funnel, instead of just saying "the offer expires in 3 days," you can include the actual unique deadline text for each person in your emails.

All you need to do is add a special merge tag in your email placeholder:

And then when your email is sent out to each subscriber, that merge tag will be replaced with each subscriber's unique deadline:

8. Supports almost every landing page builder and website platform

When you log in to Deadline Funnel, you'll see a tracking code (similar to a Google Analytics or Facebook pixel) that you need to add to the header of your website or pages.

And it doesn't matter whether you're using WordPress, LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Instapage, or another solution - as long as you can add tracking code to your website then you can use Deadline Funnel.

9. Sync deadline timers across multiple pages in your funnel

You can add as many pages as you'd like to a Deadline Funnel campaign, and they'll all show the exact same deadline for your users.

One great example of this is adding a timer to your sales page and then one to your order page:

10. World-class support

You shouldn't have to spend hours figuring out how to use software - because it's not the software that ultimately matters, it's the end result.

Our team is available Monday through Friday to provide personal support with using Deadline Funnel in your marketing.

Contact us through live chat, shoot us an email, or schedule an implementation call!

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