How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with ActiveCampaign

Copy-and-Paste Automation

We've created an ActiveCampaign automation that you can import into your account with one click to create an evergreen funnel!

Import Evergreen Deadline Funnel Automation >>

Ask Me Anything

Want to learn more about why using ActiveCampaign and Deadline Funnel together is a such a powerful combination? Discover why ActiveCampaign has said that Deadline Funnel is "one of the most multi-faceted secret weapons to integrate with ActiveCampaign."

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We've put together a series of videos on a bunch of topics to help you get started, from importing the Deadline Funnel automation into your ActiveCampaign account, to using animated timers in your emails, and lots more!

How to Import the Deadline Funnel Automation >> How to Add an Animated Timer to Your Emails >> How to Add an Evergreen Funnel to Your Automation>> How to Test Your Deadline Funnel/ActiveCampaign API Integration >> How to Sync Timers Across Multiple Pages >>

Help Articles

Have a question that wasn't answered above? Do you prefer reading instead of watching videos? Then this is for you! Our knowledge base is constantly growing and is a great place to check out when you're setting up your campaigns.

Getting Started >> How to Use the ActiveCampaign Integration >> How to Test Your Deadline Funnel Campaign >>